I really can’t wait until I learn how to fix my own HVAC system

The last time that my AC unit broke I had to pay almost $600 to get my HVAC system fixed. I really couldn’t believe how much I was being charged, it felt like the HVAC technician was robbing me. I knew that my HVAC technician was being fair though because he was actually the cheapest HVAC technician around. I got a few different quotes from various HVAC technicians, I guess getting your HVAC system fixed just costs a ton of money. I have been watching some videos online so I can learn about how to fix my own HVAC system because I can’t afford the high cost of hiring an HVAC technician. I know that I can buy HVAC parts for a very cheap rate and that HVAC technicians have a high up charge. Not only are you paying for the labor from an HVAC technician but they are charging you a premium for HVAC parts. I don’t have a service contract on my AC unit, which was a mistake on my part. Before I started watching the HVAC videos I didn’t have any clue about anything related to HVAC, but now I feel a little bit like an expert. The other day my friend had a small problem with his HVAC system and I took a look and was able to fix it in a few minutes. I told him that an HVAC technician would have charged him hundreds of dollars and he knew I was right. I also installed a new thermostat for my friend and told him how he could save money on his HVAC bill with it.

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