Long and overheated trial

I was pretty upset when I was called for jury duty.

I actually had no experience with this sort of thing, and I honestly didn’t want to have anything to do with it. I was hoping that they would end up not needing me to come in, but then my number was called to show up. We went through the interview process and it was long and tedious. The only good news is that we were reimbursed for some of our time, but it wasn’t all that much money. When we finally had to go to trial, all of us were disappointed that the cooling system in the courtroom was not working very well. The judge seemed annoyed when one of the jurors asked about the temperature control settings. The judge said that there was something wrong with the thermostat or the cooling system, and the HVAC company had already been contacted so that it could be fixed. It was a long and sweaty ordeal having to sit there in that overheated courtroom with the complete lack of air conditioning. I actually wanted to fall asleep a few times, but I realized that I would probably get in big trouble for that. It was an awful experience dealing with this ongoing trial and I just wished that we could get it over with. It took 3 days of this until the A/C was finally working again, and even the judge seemed relieved at that. When the A/C was actually working again, I felt like I could finally concentrate on what was going on and I was pretty sure that the man accused of a rather severe crime was guilty.


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