The cooling in the shed

My buddy just finished putting together her man-cave plus it is absolutely awesome… She invited myself and others over to watch the game the day after she had finished, and except for her taste in teams, plus team decorations, I like it.

He’s got a 62 inch cable with surround sound, a minibar, a wrap around sofa with two recliners, plus a top of the line gaming laptop compete with a gaming chair, but i am envious.

However, the first thing I observed when I walked through the door was not all of these things I could see; No, the first thing I observed was how cold the man-cave was, but when I mentioned it, Wes told myself and others that this room has its own heating plus , without the rest of the house. She got had a ductless mini split program installed so that she can keep her man-cave as cold as she enjoys plus her family can’t complain about it. I have to say that I like this idea. I too am always hot, but my fiance plus I are always adjusting the temperature control. I am always adjusting it to a colder temperature plus she is always adjusting it back to a warmer a single. I would like to have my own man-cave with my own heating plus s; But, unlike Wes, I can’t afford to build a man-cave enjoy this. I would rather not half ass it. I would rather save up to do it right. But, in the meantime, I will just come over plus appreciate Wes’s comfortable, air conditioned man-cave.

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