Was in a restaurant and not the right temperature.

Several years ago, one of my gal pals set me up on a blind date with one of her friends.

  • She showed me his picture, very handsome! He and I were scheduled to meet at the coolest new restaurant in town— “cool” is not how I would’ve described it, more on that later.

I was a nervous wreck; I couldn’t figure out what to wear, but I finally settled on a light gray dress. When I got to the restaurant- 30 minutes early, yikes! – the first thing I noticed was how hot it was inside. I looked at their thermostat; it was set to 60 degrees but there was no way that it was 60 degrees in that restaurant. What was wrong with their air conditioning? I could feel sweat building up, I tugged on my dress to cool off, but it was no use. Any woman knows that light gray dress + busted air conditioner = pit stains. When my date arrived, he was wearing a sports coat—which he had removed by the time we’d reached our table. We were sat right beneath a vent that was pumping out hot air. “What’s wrong with their air conditioner?” my date finally asked. “I have no idea,” I replied. “How about we get out of here?” he offered, “Let’s go someplace where we’re not eating in a furnace.” I was so relieved to get out of there that I nearly sprinted out the door. In case you were wondering, that hunky date is now my husband and our son just finished getting certified to become an HVAC technician. Coincidence? Probably.



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