Consider using a smart thermostat to save money

I must say that I’ve really enjoyed working from home as opposed to working at the office.

My home is a more comfortable environment for my work shift, and I found more time to relax and do things for my family. For example, I am able to cook a good meal for dinner without being in a rush, which my husband and kids really appreciate. It was really hard to do such things back when I was commuting back and forth to work for a 10-hour shift, that’s for sure! However, there are a few unfortunate developments that resulted from me working from home. For one thing, I use a lot more electricity than we used to use. I’ve got the air conditioner running all day long instead of just in the mornings before everyone leaves and in the late afternoons when everyone returns from work and school. I need the air conditioner running all day long because my office is in a room that faces the sun most of the day, so it gets hot in there. I need to keep the A/C at at least 70°, as a result. Me and my husband decided upon two possible options to mitigate the high energy costs of running the air conditioner. We could either get a portable air conditioner for my office or we could get a smart thermostat. After weighing our options, we decided on the smart thermostat. I must say that it has been very effective in helping us tweak our energy usage to be more cost-effective.


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