High Velocity Heating and Cooling is Pretty Nice Idea

My home was built ages ago and lacks traditional air duct; For quite a few years, the two of us made do by using a combination of window a/cs, box fans and electric space heaters.

  • This solution wasn’t perfect.

The portable equipment was inelegant and not efficient or effective, then just recently, I began looking into high velocity heating and cooling systems. This type of method has a compressor situated outside that moves heated or cooled air through a duct method that is quite a bit smaller than conventional alternatives. The tubing for the air duct is only several-inches in diameter and incredibly flexible. It can be routed through existing walls and ceilings and even hidden under the floor without the need for any renovation. Taking advantage of a process of aspiration, a high velocity method provides heated and cooled air much more efficiently than a traditional system. It allows room temperature to be increased or decreased without delay and maintains a more consistent comfort. I love the method of ease of upgrade. I would enjoy using central heating and cooling, but I’m not willing to completely gut the house in order to do it. Plus, the smaller vents of high velocity systems are less noticeable and can be certainly hidden out of sight. While the purchase and upgrade of high-velocity technology is rather new, I am convinced it would be worth it. We’d not only love superior comfort but the good energy efficiency as well. The method provides both heating and cooling and is good at providing the right humidity level, as well. Because of the high pressure of the air, it’s possible to reduce the humidity level by up to 30%.


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