More money allows for better fitness

As I’ve gotten promoted at my job, my income has also increased significantly.

Earning more money has altered my lifestyle for the better.

I’ve become rather spoiled. I can drive a much fancier car and I’ve bought a larger, nicer and more modern home. I eat at more expensive restaurants and now have a king-sized bed with bamboo luxury sheets. Even my pillows, wash cloths and brand of tea are superior quality. I now pamper myself with expensive skin care products, routine facials and weekly massage therapy. I consult with a nutritionist every six weeks and adhere to a personally tailored diet to keep myself healthy and at the best weight. I now workout with a personal trainer four times per week. I head to the gym in the morning, and he guides me through a series of exercises that are customized to my specific goals. He includes a variety of cardio training and exercises targeted at strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. The personal trainer pushes me far beyond what I would ever do on my own. Because of his encouragement and requirements, I elevate my heart rate and always end up totally wet with sweat and out of breath by the end of the session. The training program is especially intense but definitely beneficial. Because of the personal trainer, I’ve completely reshaped my body and I feel so much healthier. On the mornings when I’m left on my own, I have access to a fully equipped home gym. I’ve invested in a state-of-the-art treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical and rowing machine. I also have a weight bench, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, weighted balls, yoga mats and a jump rope. I’ve purchased everything I could ever want. I recently decided to have a sauna installed. I even enjoy much better quality workout clothes. I’ve thrown out my walmart shorts and tanks and bought LuLulemon clothing.


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