My girlfriend is way too spontaneous

Let me start off by saying that my girlfriend is a lot of things, but the best word to describe her is spontaneous.

When we got together a few years ago, her spontaneity is the reason why I fell in love with her.

A few months ago, we moved in together. Living with her, I now see her spontaneity in a much different life. Just last month, she gave me a call that caught me by surprise. She called me up to inform me that she had decided that it was time for us to get a new heating in addition to cooling device for the entire house. She brought up the fact that when we got the place, we said that the first thing we’d do was replace the HVAC system. Now that we had lived there for a few months, she figured it was time to make that happen. I told her that when I got home from work, we could talk through some options. Well, it turns out that there was no need because she had already set an appointment with the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor in our neighborhood for that very same day… This crazy lady entirely made a financial decision that was going to set us back 5 to $10,000 without even consulting me until the last possible minute. I had no choice but to just go along with it given that she had already made a non-refundable deposit. Fortunately, the Heating and Air Conditioning contractor was able to do a wonderful job in addition to staying under the original cost quote. Plus, it has been really nice to actually have the updated HVAC system, as well. At the end of the day, I honestly think that this turned out for the best, even though my girlfriend’s impulsivity can be stressful in the moment.

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