My parents pay for the HVAC repairs

For the past two years I have been living at home with my parents.

While it is normal for many kids to live with their parents even after high school, I graduated from college nearly two years ago and I’m still here.

This isn’t due to the fact that I don’t have a job or can afford to live on my own however, it is mostly due to the fact that I really enjoyed living with my parents and I also enjoyed the affordability of it. For example, I was upstairs working the other day when I heard my father on the phone with one of the HVAC techs that he usually calls whenever we have a problem with our heated gas furnace. I heard him talking on the phone asking about a problem that we were having with maintaining steady heating. From the conversation I could hear that the price for a new furnace, which was what we most likely needed, was going to be in the ballpark of $2,000 to $3,000 at a minimum. This wasn’t including the manual labor costs and all of the other things that go into this process. My father wasn’t even fazed by this price cost, mostly because he is used to it being a home loan. However, to hear that from my perspective was shocking, as losing that much money on a simple HVAC repair would leave me without rent money. I guess I might stick around for another year considering how expensive it can be to live at home or to own a home. If my parents don’t mind, then I don’t see why I shouldn’t save some money while I can.
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