My son was torn about going home to his wife, or staying on the job.

I could see the hesitation in my son’s eyes when I told him I needed him to do an emergency air conditioning repair that afternoon. He had just walked into the office, and he hadn’t yet signed in. I apologized and asked if everything was okay. He told me that Sophie may be in labor. I congratulated him and asked if he wanted mom to go over and sit with her? Once he was done with the air conditioning repair, he could just go home. He agreed to both having his mom sit with Sophie and to going home after the air conditioning unit was repaired. I could tell he was torn about staying at work. I knew how he felt working when his wife was in labor. I had gone through the same thing when he was born. Back then, I didn’t have a cellphone to keep in contact with Marie. I think it took me twice as long to repair a furnace than it did when I was in HVAC technical school. I kept looking at my watch and wondering how things were going. When I got home that afternoon, Marie had already gone to the hospital, but Shawn wasn’t born until after I got there. I’m not sure telling him this would make him feel any better about leaving Sophie. At least he would know he wasn’t the only expectant father to work when he wanted to be home with his wife. It took him less than an hour to actually repair the air conditioning unit, but he spent twenty minutes texting Sophie and checking to make sure she was okay.



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