My wife is a little too spontaneous

Earlier this week, I received a call from my wife that really caught me off guard.

My wife has always been the type of lady who is really spontaneous. As a matter of fact, that is one of the reasons why I love her so much. We dated for over five years before we got married. Her spontaneity can occasionally cause some problems for our relationship. For example, the call I got from her earlier this week was to let me know that she had decided that it was time for us to purchase a modern heating plus cooling component for the entire house.She brought up the fact that it had been years since we first mentioned the need for a new heating and cooling system, so she was finally ready to pull the trigger. I agreed to talk about it in depth later that evening, but of course she had already set an appointment with the Heating plus Air Conditioning company in town for the same day! This insane lady really made a financial decision that was going to set us back thousands of dollars without even consulting me until everything was all set in stone. Because of the non-refundable deposit I ended up just shrugging my shoulders and letting the whole process play out with my wife as the point person. In the end, I was thrilled that the Heating plus Air Conditioning company was able to do a great job. On top of that, it cost less than the original estimate! All-in-all, I believe you can say that this turned out for the best. I guess I should trust in my wife’s impulsivity and spontaneity a little more sometimes.



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