She keeps me on my toes

A couple of days ago I received a call from my wife that really caught me by surprise.

My wife has always been the type of person who is very spontaneous, and to be honest that is one of the things that I love the most about her.

I loved her during our 10-year relationship. Her spontaneity has also caused major surprises every so often as well. For example, when she called me a couple of days ago it was to inform me that she had decided that we needed a new heating and cooling unit for the entire house.She brought up the fact that we had been playing around with this idea for a few years now and she was finally ready to pull the trigger. I told her that we could talk about it that night to go over some things, and she told me that there was no need because she had already set an appointment with the HVAC company in town for the same day. This crazy lady really made a financial decision that was going to set us back 5 to $10,000 without letting me in on the plan until the very last second. Because of the non-refundable deposit I ended up just shrugging my shoulders in the feet and let the process happen. Fortunately the HVAC company was able to do a great job and stay under the original cost estimate oh, and we finally had a new heating and cooling system. All-in-all I guess you can say that this turned out for the best and didn’t hurt us that bad. I say it was dumb luck, however my wife couldn’t be more proud of herself.
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