Doghouse is no Longer Good Enough for Pets in Our Town

I love animals.

I have never been without a dog, and I can’t imagine not having a dog throughout my life to come, even when I am old.

I raised my daughter to love animals, as well, and she went to work at a vet’s office in high school and has remained in the veterinary industry ever since. She is almost thirty! So, my family is full of animal devotees, but that being said, I don’t know what I think about a local ordinance that is taking place in my little city right now. It has now been deemed illegal to keep your dog outside or even in a doghouse in the backyard. In fact, it is now illegal to keep your dog anywhere where there is no heating and cooling in place. This is a problem for several animal kennels because many of them simply have dog runs and pens without a/c or heating. That means they will have to purchase HVAC for their animal housing units. That is likely to really affect their bottom line and if the heating and cooling systems are too pricey, it may even put them out of business. My dog is an inside dog, but we do have people whose dogs live outside in dog houses or kennels. For generations, that was considered normal and acceptable. It was not considered essential to have air conditioning for your dog in the summer, or even access to furnace heated air in the winter. BUt now, in our city, all household pets have a right to air conditioning and heating.


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