Getting used to my new dehumidifier

Being able to live down south means dealing with high heat & humidity for the majority of the year, a central cooling system is pretty much a necessity, and with hot & cold temperatures climbing into the mid nineties, it’s such a relief to step inside an amazing, cooled down home, but the cooling system allows us to keep our windows shut slim against security risks, noise pollution, bugs, pollen & exhaust fumes.

The people I was with and I can simply make an adjustment to the thermostat & like the ideal temperature.

The cooling system helps us to get much more rest while at night & assume more productivity during the daytime hours! However, a cooling system isn’t designed to combat excessive moisture, but during the warmer weather, there’s officially a lot of moisture in the air, creating that sticky, clammy feeling. High humidity makes the air assume even warmer, leading to thermostat adjustments & more pricey cooling bills, then if the cooling system needs to job longer and also be able to compete with a tougher workload, it’s more likely to malfunction or quit prematurely. Warm, damp conditions are the ideal habitat for mold, mildew, bacteria, dust mites and insects like centipedes for example. There’s a worry over severe air quality problems & health risks. Headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, itchy eyup, sneezing & coughing can all be blamed on hot, humid conditions. There’s also the concern over potential injury to house furnishings. The moisture can cause wood to swell & warp, compromising the integrity of hardwood floors, musical instruments, molding & all sorts of things. The solution is the upgrade of a whole-beach house dehumidifier. The dehumidifier works with the cooling system, grabbing all of the moisture from the air & giving the cooling system a break.