I’m Saving Money For A New Apartment and HVAC System:

It seems like almost everything is costing more and more money these days.

The cost of living alone has been increasing for years.

There are so many people struggling to keep up with life now. I am definitely one of these people. I try really hard to keep up with all my family and friends, however it’s stressful when I don’t make nearly the same amount of money that they do. I work numerous jobs in order to keep up with everyone else I know. One thing that I’ve been able to save money on is my home. I don’t rent anything nice, as well as I really hate it. However, I do save money by living here. One thing I really hate about this house is my heating as well as cooling system. The temperature control is kept locked away so that I can’t touch it. The property owner likes to be the only one who can control the temperature of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning system in all the apartments. The a/c vents are situated in the worst spaces of the apartment, so I can’t stay cool or hot even if I tried. I am beginning to resent my apartment, and can’t wait to transfer into a new apartment that has a normal Heating as well as Air Conditioning system installed. When I asked the property owner if there was any way I could control the temperature of my own apartment, he just laughed at me. I want to make sure that I’m able to save enough money in the next year or so. This way I can afford a good location with a wonderful heating as well as cooling system.

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