I prefer staying in hotels during hurricanes

Living in the Southeast, one has to deal with heat and humidity all the time.

One also has to deal with hurricane season a few months out of the year. It is true that in my particular area, we do not generally get hit directly with a hurricane all that often. However, we still feel the effects of quite a few storms rolling through the area. For my part, I have figured out a way to ride out a storm as comfortably as possible. Now, I don’t advise attempting to ride out a storm when it is a direct hit. It is definitely better to evacuate at that point. But when the area is going to be not super dangerous, but just dangerous enough to shut most places down, I would suggest staying in a hotel. Hotels will have access to electricity quite often, even in the midst of a storm. I love taking advantage of this fact so that I can enjoy the air conditioning even during a tropical storm. I put a high value on being able to enjoy air conditioning in times of emergency. If I had a generator in my home, the main thing that I would keep on is my air conditioner During a storm. My uncle has a generator, and I have stayed at his house during tropical storms in times past, but he only seemed interested in keeping his refrigerator and freezer running during the storm. I would much prefer having access to an air conditioner, and that’s why a hotel is a great option to ride out a storm. Not to mention the fact that you have access to room service should you desire it!
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