Just Had a Nice Little Picnic in the Sun

I just had a salad and some tuna in a small park by the beach then rode my bike a bit.

I saw this girl Nikki working at the restaurant on the beach.

I met Nikki a month ago and we chatted some online but she never met me again even though she messaged me about meeting. So I am not sure how to read her but if she was going to meet me she would have so maybe she is in a relationship or something. I’ll just steer clear of that one because something is off. The local business where she works is right beside the paseo where I ride my bike so I see her quite often but I guess she isn’t interested in me. Why would she message me out of the blue and ask if I am going to the beach later and then not come out? My HVAC rep friend told me that she is just toying with me, so I will just let her be because I don’t like being a pushy guy looking for a date. This is probably why I’ve been single for eight months now though but I am fine with a break from dating. I’ll just work at the a/c repair company and keep on living my quiet life. Something is bound to change in the future so I am not too worried about living life alone, and there is also a freedom that comes with being alone that is kind of peaceful and enjoyable. It is all good my friends. Enjoy the ride of life while you still can.


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