Personal trainer prioritizes well balanced workouts

He pushes me to be stronger, faster and better

I realize that pro wrestling isn’t a legitimate sport. Everyone knows that it is fake. I am aware that those fights are choreographed. I know that the outcome is determined in advance. The moves are scripted and practiced. We can clearly see that the wrestlers aren’t actually trying to hurt each other. Whether it’s real or not, the action and athleticism is impressive. I appreciate that the wrestlers are in peak physical condition. My current personal trainer was originally a pro wrestler. He is in phenomenal shape. He has told me a lot about his time on the wrestling circuit. It was a very strenuous lifestyle that took its toll on his body. Because of this, he is very focused on proper warm ups and cool downs. He prioritizes flexibility, range of motion and workouts that are safe and well-balanced. His years of experience are invaluable. He leads me through very strenuous workouts that incorporate cardio, weight lifting, balance exercises and target every muscle and joint. My time at the gym is well spent. I am always exhausted at the end of the sessions. While I am sometimes sore for the next couple of days, I never sustain any kind of injury. My personal trainer is helping me to achieve better fitness habits that will improve long-term quality of life. I have been with the same personal trainer for three years now. He pushes me to be stronger, faster and better. I am very happy with the results and look forward to making further improvements.

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