Taking a Ride to the Beach of the Dead Soon

There is a beach at the end of the paseo in my town called Playa de la Muerte.

It’s where I go to clear my mind and assess how my life is going.

I am going to go there as soon as I do my yoga and finish my HVAC equipment writing jobs. I will bring my phone and listen to some good music with my earbuds and just float off into never never land. A lot of local businesses here are closing for the winter and things will get pretty quiet in our town again. I am trying to figure out my next venture in life as I have been doing very little the past year or so and want to get some kind of passion project going again so I feel alive for once. I am thinking about starting up my own heating and cooling business again, like I was doing in the states, but I am not sure if I want to take on something that big just yet. It’s a lot of work starting up your own business and it is even tougher doing it in a country where you can hardly speak their language. I have to keep pushing myself to learn the language and think about just working for an HVAC company that is already established. I have a lot of options now that I have a flatmate because my bills are now very low and I don’t need much income to exist here overseas. I’ll go talk to this local contractor first to see if he has any openings.