The HVAC system in the restaurant was filthy

The diner was doing great, however the owner needed to make some significant changes.

She was in the right location, however the company wasn’t booming.

Apart from that, several other minor troubles were affecting how effective the company was. Since she couldn’t see what was wrong, it was better to hire a professional to help her, the owner found a business therapist who would come and help her out, however one issue the restaurant faced was the lack of a regular cooling system. The one in place worked fine, however there was bad air quality in the kitchen. The staff complained about the heat due to bad air ventilation. The Heating and Air Conditioning unit wasn’t blowing enough cold air to keep them comfortable. Also, it had been a while since the air vents were cleaned. Some customers complained of certain smells in the store. The feedback was an eye-opening experience for the restaurant owner. She decided to contact an AC company to come and service the central cooling and heater, and it had been a while, so much of the Heating and Air Conditioning system had mold, mildew and dust in it. Due to the amount of work needed, she closed the restaurant for a few days. This provided the Heating and Air Conditioning experts time to open up the air vents and remove all the disgusting gunk. The staff were happy she was taking steps to ensure the company had regular heating systems in place. After the excellent work, the owner opted to sign-up for an Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance contract with the AC business. That meant the air conditioner mechanics would come to service the aircon twice a year and be in charge of all repairs. As a discount, she got two 24-hour emergency offers to use when the AC broke down suddenly.

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