We thought it might be fun to switch jobs for the day.

My brother and I are identical twins.

The only thing that kept our parents from mixing us up, is a small mole on the back of my left ear.

As we got older, we had some features that made us easier to be identified, but only by those who knew us well. It was easy to fool people when we switched places. We even had our girlfriends confused when we switched, but they weren’t our girlfriends after that. Now that we are older, we try not to play such foolish games, but we couldn’t help doing it one last time. My uncle called the HVAC company for some work on his furnace. I had been an HVAC technician for almost five years and my brother was a plumber. We thought we would play a trick on Uncle Bill, and my brother went over to look at the furnace. My uncle was furious when Bob floundered with the furnace. He was going to call the HVAC company and lodge a complaint, but he called our mom instead. He told her she had spent way too much money sending me to school for HVAC since I was a blundering fool. Mom knew what was going on and she called me at home. She told me I had to go to my uncles and take care of the furnace, or I wasn’t invited over for Christmas. When I showed up at Uncle Bob’s house, he was puzzled and then he got upset. He couldn’t believe that Bob and I had duped him again. He then offered us both a beer and told us that it was the last time he would fall for our shenanigans.

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